A pocket shoe organizer vertical garden for herbs and more.

I love fresh herbs and produce from my vertical garden. Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Tarragon, Sage, baby lettuce and all those incredibly aromatic and delicious culinary herbs, oh my just incredible.

Do you love fresh herbs with your meals?

If you love fresh tasting food, I’d bet you do. Fresh food is one of the great pleasure of life that you can share with family and friends. And full and rich plants from your garden can produce those distinctive culinary pleasures.

I use to have a dozen or so mini flower pots holding the various herbs I would use on a daily basis with my home cooking.

I discovered a much more efficient use of space by using a vertical over the door shoe hanger, to consolidate and streamline a fresh herb garden.

Arlington handyman Shoe Organizer Garden

Now, to be honest, I wouldn’t hang this great idea on a door because of the door issues it would cause that would need to be remedied. The weight and the moisture would mostly damage or misshape the door it would be hung on.

I would hang this off a wall with a Z clip (a future article) or an old coat hanger that has been modified to hold a horizontal bar to accept the shoe hanger.

What do you need to create a vertical pocket shoe organizer garden?

List of items for a vertical shoe organizer vertical garden;

– Hanging pocket shoe organizer.
– Pipe, wood pole and hardware (pipe fittings, screws).
– Tools to install poles or anchors.
– Strong metal saucepan or utensil hanging hooks
– Quality planting dirt, chuck full of minerals for gardens.
– Young plants or seeds (i.e. leaf salad, herbs, peas, beans, mini tomatoes)
– A strip of wood, min 2inch x 2inch as long as the width of the pocket store to keep the base of pockets away from the wall.
– Some form a water catch/trough for spills, excess water from the pocket shoe organizer.

Simple list? I think this a great do-it-yourself project that doesn’t need a great amount of hand dexterity to complete. You can complete this garden project alone or with a motivated young (or older) helper.

It’s great way to bring nature into your home.

Not only does this simple, economical and ecologically supportive project a pleasure to complete. You will have an abundance of herbs and leafy vegetables if you choose to grow them, that you can utilize year round.

What will your new pocket shoe organizer vertical garden look like?

Shoe organizer vertical garden by handy4hoes arlington handyan services

Doesn’t that picture look like something you’d enjoy in your home? A great way to serve nutritious and delicious flavors to you and your family year round.

I understand hanging items on walls could be an issue if you’re not comfortable with making holes or screwing into your interior walls.

Handy4homes handyman services can assist you if you’d love this pocket shoe organizer garden. If you don’t feel comfortable with assembling and installing the pocket shoe organizer garden on one of your walls.

Call us at (339) 970-9825 or email us to setup a simple appointment to evaluate the area you would enjoy installing your new garden.

Vertical Garden from a shoe organizer

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Vertical Garden from a Pocket Shoe Organizer for Herbs and More
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