Are you stuck with sticky doors?


Sticky doors, interior or exterior are not the most appealing part of your home.


handyman repairs stick doors
Painted interior doors (Photo: Entry Doors, Exterior and Interior)


It is so easy to get frustrated and possibly injured, with doors that get stuck in their opening.

Why do doors get stuck? Not so easy an answer.

Several causes can result in doors not opening easily.

List of Cause of Sticky Doors:

  • The hinges have worked loose.
  • Hinges not mortised correctly and bind.
  • The door frame has shifted.
  • The door has become racked on its own weight.
  • The floor has shifted.
  • Excessive weight above the door.
  • Excessive weight on hangers on the door.
  • Exercise equipment on the door.
  • Exercise equipment on the door frame.
  • Bearing wall buckling to weight.
  • Incorrectly installed hinges.
  • Incorrectly installed thresholds.
  • Preassembled door systems not leveled and plumbed.
  • Door frame fasteners working loose.
  • Door frame swelling due to moisture.
  • Double doors improperly spaced.

Those are just a few of the issues I have found over the last few decades that can happen to both interior and exterior doors to cause sticky doors.

It can be an easy fix. Do an eye inspection. If the door is not rubbing against the frame then the there is another cause.

Often the door strike is not properly located and the door can’t release when the door knob is turned.


handyman door striker repair


However, other times the hinges have been binding up and can use a little oil.


handyman sticky doors hinge


Oil can help, a simple solution.

Oil can also be a life saver for the door locking and knob system too. Often a lock set has been well used and poorly maintained. Taking a little effort and taking the lock set apart and apply some oil to the interior mechanisms of the lock set can go a long way in repairing a sticky door.


handyman oil for sticky doors hinges


If a door can’t be easily adjusted, then serious remedies have to be considered. Sanding built up paint from the edges of the sticky doors. Shaving down the door is there is a more intensive consideration. Replacement of the door and placing a new door into an existing opening is an option, if the frame square, level, and plumb. The last is the replacement of the door system, interior or exterior if first level repairs or modifications won’t resolve the sticky doors.

Is this too much for you to take on on your own? Call Handy4homes at (339) 970-9825 or email us if you’d like us to come and evaluate what might be causing your interior and exterior doors from operating smoothly. It’s a simple call to resolve the problem.

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Sticky Doors, Are You Stuck with Poorly Opening Doors?
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