Peeling Paint, Some Ways to Fix It.

Peeling paint is not only an eyesore, it can be a health issue if small children and pets are in the area of the peeling.

As a homeowner, you should always be on the lookout for paint that is starting to bubble. Paint that is starting to bubble may be a sign of paint that will start to peel.


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What are some of the main reasons paint peels?

●  Plastered walls that never fully dried.

●  An excessively damp house.

●  Low-grade paint.

●  Heavy dust on walls before painting.

●  Wrong additives added to paint.

●  Cooking grease or oil left on walls before painting.

●  High gloss paint not de-glossed before painting.


It isn’t uncommon for paint that has lost its adhesion to come off in sheets like loose wallpaper. There are several remedies to rectify paint that has become unstable. One is to scrape and complete the peeling of the paint that is loose. Another is to pop the bubbles and score areas of peeling paint to be able to accept new paint that will help bind the old paint back to the surface it was applied to.

Low nap paint roller covers are notorious for creating micro vacuums when loaded with paint then grabbing pulling existing paint off the surface like a lint brush


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Another reason that paint will start to peel is the wrong application of oil based paint onto latex or water based paints or polyurethanes. Though the quality of latex and oil based paints have greatly improved to avoid such situations, it’s still common for the paints to not co-operate in the passage of moisture and peeling paint is the result.


Some paints are less likely to fail.


Latex paints are somewhat permeable and allow moisture to pass through its flexible coating. Oil based paints are solid, inflexible and resist the passage of water or moisture through its surface.

Paint that is sprayed is more capable to peel based on the process itself creating a sheet-like finish. When the surface is badly prepared, sprayed paint and lacquer can come off like a sheet of paper. Sprayed paint doesn’t have to be avoided. Extra attention should be given to the surface the paint is going to be put on.

Recap: to fix the immediate peeling of paint, decide to peel or lock down the problem areas. Make sure there is no grease on the surface. Use a TSP solution to wash and de-gloss paint surfaces to receive paint. If available use a moisture meter to determine if excessive moisture is trapped in the surface to be painted.

Make sure you apply latex onto oil base paint. Oil onto oil based paint or Latex paint onto latex paint.


peeling paint on chalky base - handyman fix


Prepare before repainting.


It’s also always a good idea to scuff trouble areas with a scratch pad to assist in the adhesion of the new paint.

Here’s another site about solving paint and other failures that include other common paint issues.

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Peeling Paint, Discover Some Great Ways to Fix It.
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