How much does that cost?

How much does that cost? The second most common question I hear along with “when can you start?”

How much it costs depends on your requirements.

If there are not detailed specifications for your project, it’s easy to be comparing apples to oranges.

I’m sitting here, writing this while looking at a binder of pages that I just printed from a RFP (request for proposal) from an architect. The reason the architect provides such detailed specifications is because he was already asked, how much will it cost? He or she then determines the products, details and construction process that will fit within a budget a client can agree with.

How much can you afford?

This question isn’t meant to be cheeky. It’s meant to help narrow down your expectations if no cost considerations, as far as product choice goes, has been considered.

If you love cherry moldings but can only afford poplar moldings, there is going to be a conflict between what you want and what you can afford.

Changing your mind is allowed.

When doing a small, medium or large remodeling project can expose you to the reality that sometimes what you think was that perfect detail for your project, might not be perfect after all.

Molding details and tile patterns are notorious to be a disappointment when you first get to see it first hand on your project.

In such cases you can make the choice and request a change in replacing product choices at an additional cost to the project for both the materials and manpower to perform the change(s).

Do some research to your likes and wants.

I’m often amazed at how often someone has asked me go perform a large remodeling project without any idea of what they want it to look like.

I “want a new kitchen”, “a new bathroom”, “a new deck”, “a new remodeled basement”, or “a new media center” all require the choices to meet your particular desires in the project.

Sure there are cookie cutter designs that will meet most project requirements. But even those cook cutter designs will require choices that make a ballpark price unrealistic.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of deciding to the project.

How much will it cost, is only a small part of completing a remodeling project that you will be proud of. Knowing what you want from the project as far as product choice, genre and finishes will get you one step closer to really being able to know how much will it cost.


How Much Does That Cost?
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