Installing a Window Valance can be fun and rewarding.

A great accent to any living area is the addition of window valances.

Handyman installs window valances

Window valances come in many designs and finish that can really brighten up the decor. From classic to fun and funky, you can let your creative style cover a wide range.

The simplest form is just a curtain rod with a shortened drape overlapping a longer drape underneath. Other times it’s stand alone with no other drape. This is common in kitchens, bathrooms and general access areas (laundries, hallways, etc.)

install box valalnces

Window valances can also get very sophisticated as you see in reception halls or

types of windowe valalces

The one that really adds some style to your formal areas, dining room and living room, is the “box window valance”.

window box valalnce massachusetts

This type of valance does take much more to install and often require specialized brackets to attach to the wall above your window

window valance hardware arlington handyman

Much like the installation of the brackets for drapery, there is a minimum of tools you should have on hand to install the hardware and the valance itself.

Tools to install a window valance.

  • A tape measure, in either metric or imperial.
  • A Philips screwdriver (the point looks like a X)
  • A flat screwdriver
  • A 2′ or longer level
  • A drill, electric or cordless
  • A set of drill bits
  • A hammer
  • A step ladder
  • A sharpened #2 or lighter pencil
  • A roll of painters tape
  • A helper to hold the step ladder securely

Here’s quick, simple system I’ve to help setup to install the bracket hardware for your valance if you are handy with basic tools and are comfortable with working in heights on a ladder.

(WARING: Do not attempt to work at heights if you are unstable or nervous working with heights. Do not use any tools if you are on any medications that may make you drowsy or reduce your motor skills in any way. We can’t be responsible for any injuries if you attempt any installations described here.)

Setup to install window valances.

  1. Place your fully opened step ladder in front of your window.
  2. As you climb the step ladder, never use the top step, have your helper secure the step ladder as to not slip.
  3. Place your level on the top molding of the window.
  4. Determine if the window molding is level or is not.
  5. If level you use a horizontal measurement from the molding.
  6. If not place a strip of tape on both sides of the window approximately where you be placing holes for the brackets, (see your window valance hardware installation sheet).
  7. Use your level and draw a light line, with your pencil, on the painter’s tape to create a reference line on either side of the window molding.
  8. Measure off the floor to your reference line to determine which side is lower.
  9. Use the lower side as your reference point to install your valance brackets.
  10. From there, safely follow the instructions that came with your brackets.

From there you can expect the project to last from 15 minutes to 45 minutes per window depending on the brackets, the need of wall anchors, how large the window is.

If this seems to be too much for you to try on your own, or are unsure that you have the skills to properly install a window valance, call or email handy4homes to come and perform the installation for you. From one to one hundred valances, we will professionally install your valances to your satisfaction.

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Thanks, till next time, stay safe and have a great day!

Window Valances, Go from Dreary to Delightful Installing one.